Sponsor: Exelot

Exelot is a dedicated logistics provider to the eCommerce sector with innovative technological solutions to support and enable the growth of your business.

Our cross-border delivery and returns services are built on a proprietary digital platform which combines tracked post and express transport for an industry defining hybrid delivery solution, that is faster than traditional mail services and more cost effective than dedicated express carrier options.

Shipping products to foreign markets, we offer fully tracked end-to-end delivery services with a goal to provide the most personalised service possible, we want to:

– Eliminate existing logistical and cost barriers
– Supply the most efficient cross-border shipping solution
– Provide an optimised – quick, reliable, and affordable service
– Increase overall customer satisfaction

All Exelot shipping services are available through a single source API and are accessible in minutes via 45 major eCommerce marketplaces and Sales Channel plug and play options.