Sponsor: Omnyfy

Omnyfy’s multi-vendor marketplace platform provides a range of extensive capabilities that caters toward B2C, B2B, Service Marketplaces and B2B Procurement. Delivered as a Platform as a Service (Paas), Omnyfy provides businesses with low-cost, secure, high-availability, low-effort solutions for new marketplace implementations, multi-vendor e-commerce transformations, or re-platforming.

Combining streamlined Vendor Onboarding, hundreds of features accommodating a range of commercial transaction types, complex procurement and project bidding support, b2b order processing with P2P workflows, quote management, enquiries management, integrated marketplace accounting and payouts with global payment providers and fulfilment integrations, Omnyfy is the ideal solution for organisations looking to create and scale country or global marketplaces.

We engage with organisations in a consultative capacity, manage the end-to-end implementation process, and provide premium customer support post launch. With industries ranging from Homewares, Healthcare, Fashion, Retail and Airports, and clients such as Wesco Anixter, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, Changi Airport, Australia Post, Wippet UK, Tools.com,  Amazic, Homemakercentral and more, Omnyfy has the breadth of knowledge and expertise to implement marketplaces  which drive real commercial growth and scale.