Orderwise: Automation within reach in 2023

Automation within reach in 2023 – Connecting supply chains, optimising workflows and redefining online sales

Download our whitepaper Automation within reach in 2023 written in collaboration with Orderwise which explores how warehouse innovation, both software and hardware, has the potential to give retailers and wholesalers of all sizes the power to grow.

In this whitepaper we explore why introducing automation has many advantages even today when the UK is facing recession and experiencing record high inflation. Inside this paper we examine the reasons why automation investment during an economic downturn is good.

We look at the advantages flexibility automation offers when responding to issues like supply chain disruption or demand change.

In this whitepaper we explore the wider issues surrounding the warehousing industry, including high demand from customers but high vacancy rates. To what extent can technology help and how easy is automation to implement.

Read our exclusive case studies with:

  • Leon Paul-  a  small sporting goods brand that has recently implemented automation.
  • Agrigem – supplier of agrichemicals and fertilisers that saw a upsurge of post-covid demand
  • L&S Engineers – A spare parts for the construction industry retailer that has helped retain staff by introducing automation.

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